Captive-raised exotic animals in America often have nowhere to turn when they face losing the only home they've known, yet millions of people remain unaware of their plight. 

Thousands of captive animals each year are surrendered, abandoned, confiscated, and otherwise displaced.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary exists to provide refuge to displaced, captive-raised exotic animals for the REST of their lives, and to educate people about responsible animal care and conservation.

For more information about "exotic pets" in America, visit Born Free USA

PARC, Inc.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary
1426 W. 300 N.
P.O. Box 02
Albion, IN 46701
(260) 636-7383

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We do not buy, sell, breed, trade, or use animals for commercial purposes.

Named one of the "Best Tiger Sanctuaries in the U.S."

Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity Seal.
Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill became the subject of a documentary film titled "The Tiger Next Door" when nearly 40 wildcats were ordered removed by USDA in 2005.