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Black Pine utilizes photos submitted voluntarily by members of the staff and visitors to help promote programs, educate the public, and develop merchandise for re-sale in support of our Annual Fund and other operating expenses. All of the items offered for sale in the Wolf Den Gifts & Things that feature images of our animal residents, as well as our annual Benefit Photo Calendar, have been made possible by photos submitted voluntarily by a variety of supporters.

Anyone, from traveler to hobbyist to amateur to professional, is invited to submit photographs taken of Black Pine animal residents for our consideration for use at any time. The specifications below will help you plan in advance if you wish to submit high resolution images specifically for consideration of publication in our annual photo calendar. Any other submissions, should they not meet the criteria for calendar publication or be released for that purpose, may be selected for use on social media or printed materials or merchandise, based on the permissions you voluntarily grant.

Courtesy of Michael MacLeod  ©Michael MacLeod 2017

Terms and Conditions
  • Submitting photos is free – there is no charge to participate.

  • You may submit as many photographs as you’d like. 

  • All photos must be original, meaning you may only enter photographs that you took and for which you own the copyright.

  • You will retain the copyright of your submitted photos at all times, and PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary will never own the copyright to your photos.

  • Your name will be credited in written "image text" that accompanies any website publication of your photo, or as a small overlay in the corner of your photo, unless you authorize us to omit credit altogether on your release form.

  • By submitting a photo, you give PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary permanent, non-exclusive, royalty-free permission to display your submitted photo on our websites, social media accounts, merchandise, or literature produced by or in association with PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, as indicated on your release form.

  • Photo submissions may be horizontally or vertically oriented, and should be at least 1000 pixels along the long edge. In order for photos to qualify for consideration of use in the annual Benefit Calendar, photos must meet the criteria published here.

  • PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary reserves the right to crop photos.

  • Images must not include a border. If an image includes a border, PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary reserves the right to crop the border.

  • A subtle watermark in the corner of the image is acceptable, but PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary reserves the right to crop photos, which may remove a watermark.

  • Digitally manipulating photos (i.e. cloning, compositing, etc.) is permitted, however only photos that authentically depict the setting as you saw it when you took the photograph will likely be used.

  • PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary reserves the right to alter photo titles and descriptions.

  • PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary reserves the right to alter images through Photoshop or other photo editors to isolate subjects, add overlays, and use other design elements for use in promotions, merchandising, paid advertising, and other initiatives solely to further the mission of the organization, unless permission is explicitly withheld at submission.

  • PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is not obligated to notify submitter of any use of images, but will issue a confirmation of receipt upon submission.

  • A receipt for In-Kind contributions of images (for tax purposes) will be provided by PARC/Black Pine Animal Sanctuary upon request.

Benefit Calendar Submission Requirements

Images for use in the Benefit Calendar must measure 1600x1200 pixels or greater. Generally, pictures taken from a 3 mega pixel or greater camera should have no resolution problems. Photos taken from smart phones including iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and others are also typically acceptable. For optimal results, submit photos that are 11.29 x 8.79 inches at 200dpi. 

More measurements by dpi to help you create best results:
200 dpi = 2258x1757 pixels
300 dpi = 3387x2636 pixels

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